Renegade X

Open Beta 3

Crazy first-person shooting


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Renegade X is a first-person shooting game (with parts in third-person) set in the Command & Conquer universe. In it, you will enter one-player campaign filled with threats from enemies of all shapes and sizes.

You'll face a multitude of enemies on foot with the help of an enormous arsenal of various types of huge machine guns and some more accurate pistols. Then, of course, you can count on the help of tanks, which you will control from a third-person perspective.

The one-player campaign included in the game is pretty short, and there is no multiplayer - although when you finish the game (this is a preliminary version), it promises to add multiplayer eventually so that you can trade shots with your friends.

What really makes Renegade X stand out are its graphics; they're absolutely spectacular for a free game. There are some explosion effects and character models worthy of any top-rated game.

Renegade X is a first-person action game with enormous production value. Its only shortcoming is the short length of gameplay in comparison with the amount of space it will take up on your hard drive.
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